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Shift Office Furniture System


The Shift Office System is a high performance office furniture system that reflects and adapts to today’s modern work environment. Shift has been designed as a collaborative product that can create a panel based workstation or freestanding office environment (also known as benching or open-plan). Common components are shared between these product applications allowing for varied work strategies within your organization while reducing the overall cost of ownership and cumulative lifespan costs.

feature rich.

Cross all boundaries, whether you want private workstations, an open office concept or a benching system; Shift does it. Components are shared across all three styles of work allowing you to change easily and  reduce the overall cost during its lifespan. Start out with a feature-rich or basic product and have those features modified  to address the changing work place. Shift allows you to reuse the majority of inventory no matter what the configuration.

Example: a monolithic panel at the beginning of its life becomes segmented, or a segmented panel becomes monolithic. Allowing the reuse of parts without having to reorder a  new panel.



Shift allows you to create the office environment that works best for you and your budget. Shift allows you to build up each workstation with as many or as little features as required for the function of  individual users. Shift can start as a basic monolithic product that can be added to easily in the field. Instead of  having a specific panel type that locks you into a level of specific features, you can start out with minimal features and as the business grows and needs change so does Shift. This  assists in addressing the changing work environment.

To further reduce the cost of ownership, kits are available that will allow you to put furniture anywhere along the panel and reduce inventory.

artistic innovation.

The Shift office system offers a highly unique finish program. This program allows the customization of finishes that emphasize your image and brand . Imagine the freedom to create the office space that represents your organization like no other. Panel height and widths can also be customized to create a unique standard for your organization, all this can be done within the standard budget.

Customization is easy. There is no limit to our imagination.

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Shift Live

Shift is proudly designed, manufactured in Canada and the northern United States. This is where we post pictures of recent Shift Office System installations. These are real life projects addressing a wide variety of workplace needs. We will continue to add images that will demonstrate the diversity within the Shift Office System.

Shift Live Benching

Shift Benching is built on the foundation of a panel system. This allows you to transform a benching environment into a panel environment by letting you add to the base panel and creating a structural panel that can then be used for a workstation application!

Shift Live – Reception & Counters

The Shift Office Furniture System can be easily customized to mimic millwork. But unlike millwork it is much quicker to install and to customize without any of the mess associated with traditional construction. There are many advantages, Including being able to increase or decrease the size of the reception or counter without having to shutdown the area. Cost of working with shift in a millwork application are typically lower because we’re starting off with the foundation of the Shift Office Furniture System panel versus a millwork application which may require several trades to complete a single project.

Shift Live – Artistic Innovation

The Shift Office Furniture System offers a highly unique finish program. This program allows the customization of finishes that emphasize your image and brand . These are real life projects that have taken advantage of using there brand to create in inspiring work environment!

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