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r-wall Architectural Wall System

Refined Design – don’t drywall, r-wall!

r-wall is an environmentally sound replacement for drywall. As an architectural wall system r-wall presents itself with a high level of detailed, clean and robust aesthetics. r-wall seamlessly connects with building architecture and looks permanent, but is designed to move. Providing maximum planning flexibility at the time of initial purchase and every time it is reconfigured.

designed to move.

r-wall is a smart architectural alternative to drywall and other systems, it can be dismantled and fully relocated with minimal disruption to the area and with none of the traditional construction mess. Since r-wall parts are reusable, it generates extremely lower levels of waste.


Technology and power easily integrate into the wall, using the same methods as you would with conventional drywall. The practicality in this gives you the freedom of going with whatever system suits your organization best. Every wall section provides a cavity for both data and power, light switches and outlet locations are factory cut initially and can be easily added on site.


r-wall was designed with a sustainable program criteria in mind, building on the standards of many green product certifiers. By its very nature, r-wall is a crucial part of a green building and works towards achieving LEED points for new construction, existing buildings, and commercial interiors.


r-wall provides acoustical privacy through sound deadening board, it is used on the interior of the walls where it contributes to the absorption of sound within a room and the reduction of sound transmitted from the exterior or from other rooms.

Customization is easy. There is no limit to our imagination.

Dare to Dream


r-wall is engineered to be extremely flexible. It can be re-used, reconfigured and adapted in the field to respond to change.











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r-wall Live

r-wall is proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. This is where we post pictures of recent r-wall installations. These are real life projects addressing a wide variety of workplace needs. We will continue to add images that will demonstrate the diversity of r-wall. as a drywall replacement.

r-wall Live – No Ceiling Applications

r-wall does not need to go to the ceiling. In cases where aesthetics, ceiling height or sprinkler bylaws prevent you from doing a full height wall; r-wall can be used as an option to drywall. r-wall is perfect for retail and other applications where downtime isn’t an option. Because there is no traditional mess that is associated with construction and drywall, r-wall can easily be built in an environment that work must continue in.

r-wall Live – Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse

r-wall can easily be adapted and configured for what ever the application demands. With a wide variety of wall styles, r-wall is an excellent option to drywall in the office, at the mall or in a factory!

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