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Fabrics & Finishes

Panel Fabrics – Workstation Laminates – Metal Paints – Desk Laminates – Wall Laminates – Seat Cushion Fabrics   We offer a full range of fabrics, laminates & paint finishes that can be applied to our products. We welcome COM finishes that are not within our standard offering and make it easy for them to be applied to our products. Our aim is to create an environment that is right for each individual clients brand & Culture. Contact us to see how you can create an environment thats second to none!

Grade 1 Panel Fabrics

Aerial – Grade 1 Panel Fabric

Capri – Grade 1 Panel Fabric

Como – Grade 1 Panel Fabric

Coordinate – Grade 1 Panel Fabric

Denali – Grade 1 Panel Fabric

Netiquette – Grade 1 Panel Fabric

Nuance – Grade 1 Panel Fabric

Terrain – Grade 1 Panel Fabric

Grade 2 Panel Fabrics

Dashing – Grade 2 Panel Fabric

Dune – Grade 2 Panel Fabric

Twigs – Grade 2 Panel Fabric

Metal Paints

Grade 1 Laminates (Matching Trims) – Shift & Tier-1

r-wall Laminates

r-wall Trim Finish